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Resource Specialist Program (RSP)



The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) in Hamlin is designed to help students succeed in their education. Here's a breakdown of what it does:


  • Supports Students: The program targets students who qualify for special education services.
  • Individualized Learning: RSP provides students with personalized attention and strategies to address their specific needs. This can include different teaching methods or supplemental resources to help them grasp concepts.
  • Small Group Instruction: Unlike general education classrooms, RSP offers instruction in smaller settings. This allows the Resource Specialist to focus on each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals more effectively. 
  • Least Restrictive Environment: The program emphasizes keeping students in the general education classroom for most of the day. RSP services are provided as "pull-out" sessions, where students receive targeted help outside the main classroom, or "push-in" where the specialist assists within the general education setting.
  • Goal of Independence: The overall aim of RSP is to equip students with the skills and strategies they need to be successful learners in the general education classroom, potentially phasing out of the program as they gain independence.
Hamlin's program consists of push-in and pull-out service models. The push-in model provides instruction and support inside the general education classroom while the pull-out model offers instruction in a smaller setting, outside the general education classroom. The students are pulled out of their general education classrooms to receive small group interventions and support at their academic levels.


To support the RSP teacher implement the program, Hamlin's RSP program has a full time instructional assistant trained to support all these students. The RSP team collaboratively works closely with general education teachers and other support staff to ensure all students receive the help needed to access the general education curriculum.

In essence, the Resource Specialist Program acts as a bridge for students with learning differences, providing them with the support they need to thrive in school.